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Oh, the places you’ll go..

Honestly, I never believed as a kid that I would be where I am. I mean who does, right? Nor did I think people were still interested in others life’s or stories, hence I never thought of blogging. But after several vacations I always found myself lost in random travel blogs across the internet researching my next destination, when it hit me, I could do this!

Early Life

Traveling was always a dream of mine when I was younger, it was a common thing for my dad and I to watch the history/discovery channels and I would say “I wanna see that!” to every new animal or interesting historical thing I saw. I would always talk of Costa Rica, The Galápagos, or Egypt like I was getting on the plane tomorrow. Little did I know one day it would be possible to see the red eye tree frogs or ancient pyramids.

I was born in Kansas City, Kansas but moved to Colorado when I was about 2 or 3 years old. My parents got a divorce at a young age, they would both take me across the country to new places within the United States. I think this was a huge part in making traveling easy for me as an adult. I was never a stranger to airports or road trips. Sometimes as an adult i think what, people don’t know how to travel like yes, Destiny! But of course, the airport can really be an intimidating place when you were never exposed to it. As well as brand new places when you’ve never known the unknown.

My cousin and I with my first dog, Daisy, who just passed away in 2020

I lived in a few different Colorado towns as a teenager but mostly stayed in Montrose. The mountains is where I reside. I remember the crisp fall mornings, beautiful summer nights, and terrifying winter drives. It’s a beautiful little part of the world that is growing in tourism. I remember as a kid knowing all the celebrities that lived 30 minutes to an hour up the road and hoping one day we’d just see them at the local Walmart. That happens, right? Ralph Lauren was probably the only ‘local’ celebrity (meaning he was more than just another vacation home). He would always donate and be apart of the community, hiring local hands and letting people ranch on his hugeeee property. Some others I remember is Oprah, Ben Stiller, Jerry Seinfeld, ect. being a list of homeowners in the area. But the celebrities would storm nearby Telluride during film festivals. That’s where my friends and I have met a hand of celebrities including Ariana Grande, Laura Dern, and Hugh Jackman.

I won’t tell too many childhood stories because honestly, it wasn’t a great time for me. I delt with a lot of abuse and eating disorders, that have caused my PTSD. But, I will say I was an only child who was kind hearted and had an even softer spot for animals, which is why I went vegetarian at 12, and vegan at 15! (still am) Check out some of my food in the highlight on my Instagram.

Telluride, Colorado. About an hour from my hometown Montrose

Although, I didn’t start international travel until 18. A grown-up. This was new territory and a little scary for a young female. I (still a young female) will research places before hand and know what my next plan is. Sometimes I laugh at the places I was scared to go to, luckily after a few days of being in a new country, you start to relax and all your pre-vacation worries disappear.


Getting a little more personal, I am currently engaged to my fiancé, Nick. We actually started our world traveling adventures together and got engaged in December of 2020 (keep watch for our 2022 wedding in Puerto Vallarta). We currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada after a last minute move from Montrose, where we both grew up. I do have to say, I totally recommend living in Vegas or Henderson in your 20’s. Everyone will come visit you and there is endless amount of 20 some-year old things to do! Plus, nice weather.

Our dinner-on-the-beach engagement in the Dominican Republic, 2020.

I also have four pets, yes, four. Two cats and two dogs. They have a lot of fun when we leave town because that either means babysitters house or a friend comes by and does nothing but spends time with them. They love it!

For about two or three years I had my own travel agency, which was going good for me. But then… COVID. Unfortunately my income went to a flat $0, so after about a year, I ended my business. It’s okay, because I believe everything happens for a reason and with all these travel memories and new hobby, one is left to think. What next?

Currently, I spend my time blogging, taking care of my ‘kids’ and well, traveling. Nick is a sales guy so he works from where ever he wants, too. Lucky us! Although, occasionally I still take a much needed girls or family trip as Im very close to my dads side of the family, with the exception of a cousin on my moms side. My dad was born in Michoacán, Mexico, as well as a handful of my uncles and grandma, so we all like to take Mexican vacations with each other. It’s a common misconception that all immigrants teach their kids’ their first language. Surprise, they don’t! Even though my dad came to the United States at a young age, his spanish isn’t the best either. I am learning on my own time and have an online tutor, which I am very excited for.

The family in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. (me on the left)

My Dreams

My ultimate dream for the future is to always be happy. I’m at a stand still point in my life that I don’t necessarily know exactly what i want to do, but I don’t care because I’m very happy. Honestly, I really enjoy blogging, helping others, and see myself traveling for the rest of my life. I don’t think I can stop.

The 9-5 doesn’t fit me and any other job would just laugh at how much time I would take off to travel. So here I am winging it. Which is good. I’m hoping to add some more unpredictable times and last minute memories. I am truly lucky to be able to do what I want and make my life exactly how I want it at the time.

I absolutely love meeting new people. If one day I can combine traveling and helping people, it would be my ultimate dream for my future self. Who knows what the future holds.

I would love for people to contact me via socials or my blog about anything you feel personal about. I love a good conversation and I love making new friends!

Lake Las Vegas

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Happy travels!

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