6 Must Try Restaurants in Ambergris Caye, Belize

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I just came back from my first time in Belize, and to be honest, food was not the first thing I was excited for. I never even thought of what I would be eating while staying in island paradise, but to my surprise, the country has some pretty great food. It’s an interesting mix between Caribbean and Latin food. You can also find a lot of places that serve curries. That surprised me the most.

We stayed in San Pedro, a city on the island of Ambergris Caye. It was full of fantastic restaurants, ice cream shops, street food vendors, and of course bars. I quickly noticed all the different options on the island. On one block we found a seafood, Indian, and Mayan restaurant all within a few steps of each other. Most islands are limited to selection, but Belize was a whole other story. I had no issue finding whatever I was craving here!

We also stayed at an amazing Air Bnb that had a kitchen, so we stopped off at some grocery stores too. They were full of everything, even my soy milk I was relieved to find. Things are a little pricier, of course, it isn’t free to haul things over there. Although, we found the restaurants to be reasonably priced. Everything is in Belize dollars, if you happen to check out the menus online don’t panic. It’s really easy to figure out, as two American dollars is one Belize, so just simply cut the price of everything in half.

The view from our table at Secret Paradise Beach Bar.

1. Caramba’s

Most people enjoy feasting on seafood when touring an island, so what better place to start my list off? Caramba’s is still a great place to eat if you don’t eat seafood. They serve everything from latin food, to salads, to pasta.

What makes them “known” is right before you walk in you are greeted with an ice bath of seafood that was caught that day. You simply pick out whichever lobster, fish, or crab you want and they will take it back to the kitchen and prepare it how you like. Pick something on the menu and ask them to put your chosen fish in there, that’s how it works!

No one in my group ordered seafood, but A LOT of other people around us did. It’s basically what they’re known for. Everyone at my table ordered latin food, and that was really delicious so I have no doubt in my mind their main staple is just as fantastic. Also, the cocktails alone are worth a trip. It was by far some of the best margaritas I had on the island.

Find their menu and location here on the website.

Caramba’s Restaurant in San Pedro, Belize. An ice bath of fresh seafood to choose from.

2. Palapa’s Bar and Grill

Palapa’s is one of the most raved about restaurants on the island. It’s perched over the water and they offer water activities as well. It was literally in the back yard of our Air Bnb, so it was destined we had to give it a try.

We actually did not have a good experience. Although, I still recommend it. The food was good, the drinks were good, and it was a fun environment. We went right before close, and I think our server was having a bad night. We were checked on only twice and when we were, we were met with eye rolls and attitude. I’ve worked in restaurants so I understand. It was closer to the end of the night, and I don’t know what else had happened in his day.

Later on in our trip we met a man who lives in San Pedro off and on, and he was shocked that we had such awful service. He insisted it’s never like that, and kept asking for his name, although I didn’t feel comfortable giving it. With all their wonderful reviews on Google, I’m 100% sure we just had an off experience. We ordered appetizers and drinks before heading back to our room. Some other women at the bar bought us shots that you set inside a piece of long wood, then lift the wood above all your heads, pouring the shots into everyone’s mouth at the same time!

It’s a one of a kind restaurant due to the water activities offered on the ocean, I do recommend stopping in especially during the day. Find their website here.

The view of Palapa from our Air Bnb.

3. Secret Paradise Beach Bar

This was my favorite restaurant that we ate at. It’s actually not really a restaurant but more so a bar with food. Amazing food.

I don’t eat meat, and this place is all meat. I was really close to not getting anything but thought it was worth asking the server if they could make anything vegan or vegetarian. He kinda shrugged his shoulders and said “we can do our jerk seasoning with veggies”. I thought, why not I’m hungry and wasn’t looking for anything spectacular. It turned out to be the best meal I had my entire trip!

They used all the same stuff on my veggies as they would with meat, which sounds weird (and usually is) but this was so well cooked. The others in my group also ordered food, and they had the same experience. Mine also came with coconut rice and a salad. I tossed my salad in the leftover jerk seasoning/oil and it was seriously good. The drinks were cute with their little umbrellas and fruit on the rim, and OH did I mention the tables are in the ocean? You are literally eating and drinking at a picnic table set in the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. With tropical fish swimming around your feet and water games a little further into the ocean.

Bring a t-shirt from where you’re from, they will let you write a note on it, and hang it from their ceiling to show where people from the past have visited from. T-shirts are hanging all over the bar’s ceiling. I don’t believe they have a website, but you can find them on Google for directions. They are located on Secret Beach.

Jerk Veggies at Secret Paradise Beach Bar.

4. Blue Bayou

Blue Bayou is probably the most popular restaurant on Secret Beach. There’s a reason for that!

It’s still pretty new so looks nice and updated. They have lockers to put your stuff in before you head out to your table. They have some tables on land, but most people head out to their over-the-water tables. You will receive service out in the ocean! Drinks and food brought to you while you sit on an umbrella covered picnic table.

I actually recommend Secret Paradise Beach Bar a little more for a few reasons. One, it’s quieter. Two, it offered the same over-the-water seating with better drinks, and better service. At Blue Bayou it would take about 45 minutes to get any drinks delivered to our table. We were hanging out with some locals, so i’m not sure if they thought we wouldn’t care as much as the other tourist, but everything was still good. The only reason I would recommend Blue Bayou over Secret Paradise is Blue Bayou has a dreamy sandy beach. Secret Paradise is a little rockier, but still gorgeous.

Don’t get me wrong, the food is still good and so were the drinks. We fell in love with the scenery and the vibe is one of the best I’ve experienced in the Caribbean. We absolutely loved it, and would go back in a heart beat.

Blue Bayou, Secret Beach, Ambergris Caye, Belize

5. The Truck Stop

The Truck Stop is not one restaurant, but several. It’s a pit stop on the way to Secret Beach that has a few different food trucks (in shipping containers), ice cream, a bar, live music, and a POOL over the lagoon. You could really spend hours here, like we did (oops).

We actually came here twice because of how much we loved it the first time. It has so many layers to it, with many ‘instagram-able’ spots. The first night we had pizza, and the second I tried the Asian food truck. Both were good. Everything is reasonably priced. Our first night we enjoyed the live band, and danced the night away. The second, we stayed in the pool where they had a projection screen, at that time was playing the Olympics.

We had given some local kids a ride back home, and stopped here to feed them pizza and ice cream, it was so much fun and is the definition of ‘has something for everyone’. I’ll mention we did get our alcohol stolen from our golf cart while eating here, but it was our fault more than anything. We left it very visible, not thinking. Find their website here.

The Truck Stop. Our first night they had live music.

6. Belize Chocolate Company

Okay, not a restaurant, but that doesn’t mean I don’t highly recommend it!

Belize has a few amazing chocolate company’s, and this (as far as I know) is the only one on Ambergris Caye. It’s located on a small beach in San Pedro. They even serve milkshakes mixed with their homemade chocolate. They do have a little ‘vegan corner’ that has all vegan snacks as well. No one in my group got anything they didn’t like. It all tastes very natural, homemade, and decadent.

The girls working were sweet and helpful. We sat out on their back porch and ate our sweets while staring out to the sea. A perfect break from sightseeing.

Belize Chocolate Company

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  3. This is perfect! I’m getting ready to go to Belize in a couple weeks! We’ll have to give some of these restaurants a try!

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